Student Outgoings - Mobility for Placements

Mobility for Placements (Praktika)

Students and graduates (up to 12 months after graduation) of the University of Education Salzburg Stefan Zweig (PH Salzburg) can complete one or more funded internships abroad with ERASMUS+. This can be completed in institutions such as schools, kindergartens, associations and also companies, both in programme countries and in partner countries.

Duration: ERASMUS+ supports internships of between two and a total of twelve months per study cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD). Participants can complete several internships as long as the total duration does not exceed one year.
Location: schools, kindergartens, educational institutions, associations, public institutions, NGOs, training and research institutions, companies.
Grant (Zuschuss): 570 – 670 euros per month, depending on the host country. Subsidies are also available for students with fewer opportunities and for using environmentally friendly means of transport.
Language Courses: The European Commission offers online language courses free of charge.


What are the advantages of an ERASMUS+ internship?

  • Professional orientation as preparation for the teaching profession
  • International work experience
  • Acquisition of additional qualifications
  • Improving foreign language and communication skills
  • Getting to know new countries, cultures and ways of working
  • Personality development and expansion of social skills
  • Building contacts and networks


Student placement

  • During studies, e.g. in the summer months July – September
  • Contents relevant to studies, supplement to school practice
  • At least two months
  • Recognition in consultation with the Internaitonal Office resp. with the Centre for Practical Pedagogical Studies (ZPPS)


Graduate placement

  • Recent graduates (Bachelor and Master)
  • Within 12 months of graduation
  • Two to 12 months
  • Also possible in combination with language assistance programme (Sprachassistenzprogramm) and other employment relationships (Dienstverhältnisse)


Language assistance programme (Sprachassistenzprogramm)

  • Graduates of the University of Education Salzburg Stefan Zweig
  • Different grants and merits depending on the destination country
  • Starting in October each year
  • 7 – 10 month
  • Assistance at schools in German lessons

Language assistance programme (Sprachassistenzprogramm)


Digital Opportunities Traineeships

  • “Digital Opportunity Traineeships” training initiative
  • Students and recent graduates
  • To expand digital skills

1. Requirements

Student at the University of Education Salzburg Stefan Zweig

Placements during the degree programme must be relevant to the degree programme and any credits must be agreed with the Centre for Practical Pedagogical Studies (ZPPS).

Graduate placements must be completed within one year of graduation. You must not be enrolled for graduate studies.


2. Organisation

During the study programme, a study-relevant placement abroad can be carried out during the summer months and in addition to school internships of several weeks. This is possible in both programme and partner countries.

The agreement on the recognition of study achievements must be made before the stay; after the return, achievements actually made will be recognised accordingly. The basis for this is the ECTS system introduced throughout Europe.


3. Application procedure

Please contact the International Office of the University of Education Salzburg Stefan Zweig.

The registration is binding (verbindlich). Cancellations are only possible in exceptional cases and ONLY in writing.

Required documents

  • Please complete the registration form (Application Placement – Anmeldung Auslandspraktikum) electonically
  • Transcript of Record (Studienerfolgnachweis) in Englisch (only for study placments, download in ph-online)
  • Copy of passport
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Letter of motivation in English


4. Selection criteria

  • Date of application
  • Linguistic preparation
  • Letter of motivation
  • Compliance with dates and deadlines
  • Possibly already completed stays abroad with ERASMUS+ grant


5. Funding (Finanzierung)

The application for an ERASMUS+ grant is made after nomination by the International Office staff.

Information & Application

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